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Today I have an interesting fact about subconscious mind to share with you.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India and one of The President of India, in one of his book has shared a very interesting childhood incident.

Once Kalam and his cousin brother climbed a tree standing tall at see shore. His father and cousin’s father were also there and walking oh share sand.

Both Kalam and his brother were playing and enjoying on tree branches, but then the breeze started flowing and got intense with every second. Initially they both were enjoying bending and swinging branches of the tree but  later the breeze was so intense that they were unable to get down from tree and balance their body on tree even.

Their father’s looked upon them and started shouting on them with instructions to avoid any accident.

Cousin’s father shouted “son watch carefully so that you don’t fall down”

Kalam’s father also shouted “son be careful and hold on tightly and stick your body to the branch you are holding right now”

Later on that moment cousin fell down and got hurt a little, but Kalam was able to maintain himself on tree until breeze got little easy. Later he came down and went home safely.

Now you must be thinking of what’s so special about this story. There is really something special. If you still can’t guess, just go back and read the commands father’s gave to their sons. Still can’t guess?Don’t worry, just read ahead.

Mind has its own language and a way to seek information, similarly we have our own language or languages to communicate with each others. Mind understands its particular language only. And this mind language is the real secret of life. If you are able to learn and master this language, life is all in your own control.

It’s the time to learn 3rd fact of mind, and this is it’s language and it’s interpretation.

  1. Human subconscious mind can think or imagine only about those things that it can “picturize” or you can say it sees everything in the form of a picture or movie. Mind doesn’t recognize words until unless it has a supporting image or movie.
  2. Subconscious Mind doesn’t understand “NO” because there is no form or picture of no.
  3. Whatever subconscious mind can conceive is true for it. And once conceived anything and accepted as true it starts towards achieving it even without letting your conscious know about it.
  4. Subconscious mind has 90% control over our life where as conscious has only 10%.

Let’s try to understand it with a small example.

Carefully read instructions given below and imagine them for next 40 seconds with your eyes closed. Remember you have to see in your imagination exactly what I ask you in below paragraph. This exercise is must to begin to understand your mind.

Don’t imagine a pink Buffalo, now this Buffalo is not flying in the air above. You are not on the back of this flying Buffalo and not looking down and around and enjoying the view from above. 

What you saw? I hope you didn’t see a pink Buffalo flying around with you on its back. Did you? But I had insteucted you not to see?

It’s ok. It’s not your fault. It’s just the way mind works. Let’s understand what happened. Although your conscious mind knows that anything said in above example is NOT true. Your conscious mind know that it was instructed to NOT imagine a flying pink Buffalo with you on its back. But still your conscious was help less to prevent itself from not NOT seeing. This happened because your subconscious couldn’t find any image for NO. There is picture for Buffalo , for pink, for fly, for you yourself but no available picture for the word NO. So to avoid yourself from seeing above example, there was just one way, to not think about it at all. Thats it. Just don’t think what you don’t want. Thats all.

Same happened with Kalam’s cousin when his cousin’s father instructed him to be careful so that he DOESN’T FALL. Subconscious of Cousin could imagine falling but failed to picturize the word NO hence fell down.

Where as Kalam was instructed to hold on the tree branch tightly. His subconscious could conceive an image for tight holding and thus achieved it.

Friends, this is the issue with lives of so many. They always get opposite of what they always want. I have seen most of the people there who often complain of getting  exactly opposite of what they wanted. I have seen that people spending their whole life to find the answer as why does opposite happens to them. As they fail to understand the working and language of their minds, they fail to tap into the wonderful powers of their mind. At last they accept it as their Destiny and blame God for their Destiny.

This is the ONLY AND TRUE secret of living a life of your choices. Always and always,  Just think what you want. Without any “no” or “not” in your choice statements. That means don’t even think of what you don’t want because if you think so it will happen to you at all costs. Thats it. Life will present to you what you want. But life will present to what you don’t want if you think of what you don’t want. If you want health, just imagine and wish health. Not like I don’t want to have diabetes or I don’t want to fall seriously ill or I don’t want to be fat etc. Because your subconscious doesn’t understand NO or NOT and this is biggest learning of this post.

If you have read books of Dr. Kalam, you would have found that he was master of mind science. He was excellent in understanding subconscious and had used it’s immense powers to make himself the missile man and one the most respected president of India. 

There is much much more about mind to learn, which unfortunately is beyond scope of these small posts. Yet I will keep trying to post as much I would be able to.

If you like my work, if it benefit you in anyway, kindly like, comment and share it with others. I also need your feedbacks so that I can improve it as per your requirements. And at last I too need appreciations if you love reading it. All these serve as fuel for me and motivates me to come up with next post soon.

Thank you for reading!!
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Manoj Sharma


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