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In last post “heart or brain: The master of choices” you had learned that life becomes a mess if Conscious and Subconscious are not working in tune to each other. But life becomes wonderful if the duo are tuned to support each other. Conscious Mind has the WILL to do but POWER to accomplish is with Subconscious Mind.

Conscious Mind is “The Captain of Life” but “Master of Life” is Subconscious Mind. Life is terrible when master doesn’t listen to captain. Captain is one who knows where to drive the life but master has capacity and power to do so.

Imagine a ship sailing across sea towards its destination. Captain knows very well about the destination. Captain knows all the routes and has a plan. Captain has got an aim and a definite plan to attain that aim. Captain can see where the ship is heading. Captain can judge whether the ship is on its way to destination or is off the track. Captain has authority to plan and make decisions.

But to sail a ship thousands of types of operations are required. These operations are taken care by crew. Each crew member is skilled to perform their own specific task. Every Crew member is best in what they do. Crew work very well but deep inside the ship. They can’t see anything happening outside hence they are blind to EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES & happenings. They don’t know whether it’s a right path or wrong path. They can’t decide on their own. They just follow the instructions gievn by captain. They just do what they do till the end. They are responsible for implementing plan.

Just imagine what will the consequences if there is no better understanding between the captain and the crew. Just imagine what will happen if LANGUAGE of captain is not understandable to crew and vice versa. Such situations will result in a huge communication gap between the two. A ship having such a great COMMUNICATION GAP among its captain and crew is destined to wander in the sea untill it sinks.

Now just imagine what will the situation of lives of those who have such conflicts between their conscious and subconscious Minds. A great mess, undoubtedly.

95% people are unaware about this situation in their life. They hardly are able to achieve what they desperately desire. They put forth huge efforts but fail to achieve desired goals. They pray for God, follow religious deeds, implement astrology and seek motivational or inspirational trainings but All goes in vain. When all known efforts and ways doesn’t work, anxiety, stress depression and various desieses are inevitable.

Now can you say who is guilty? The Captain Or the Master (crew)??

No one actually. Both of them are doing what they are designed for. It’s just the communication between two of them that is creating dispute. Both of them understand a different language. We just need to set a goal and attain a tuning among both of the Minds to achieve it.

Today I am sharing with you the simplest and easiest technique to do so. This is one of simplest technique you can do on your own without any expert councelling.

This technique is also known as SELF-HYPNOSIS:

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Create a plan to achieve it
  3. Pass the Goal to your Subconscious
  4. Action

Step 1) : This is an activity of your concious mind. Setting goal means anything you desire to improve or achieve in your life. Be it health, financial goal, eliminating stress or anxiety and any improvement in relationship. Write down the goal and describe it in complete details. Write down the final results to be achieved. Describe with finest details. Also describe why this Goal is so IMPORTANT to you. Write how this Goal will help you in making your life more fulfilled and easier. ( You must also learn how to set EFFECTIVE GOALS)

Step 2) : This is also a conscious part. Write down the various steps you think you need to take to achieve the goal. Write whatever is known to you. There is no necessity to know the full and exact way to achieve it. Just write down what according to you should be the plan. By end of this The Captain is ready with his Plan.

Remember you can also edit and modify it later on. So no need to try to be very accurate to describe the full plan. Just plan the best as per your current knowledge. Beginning is important.

Step 3) : This is the only but MOST IMPORTANT Subconscious influencing step. Set Goal is to be passed to the subconscious mind.

Subconscious is also known as emotional mind. It understand everything in terms of FEELINGS. Your target in doing this step is to attach an emotional component to your aim/goal. An emotionalized goal is immediately picked up by your subconscious. Once the plan or goal is in subconscious, it’s guaranteed to succeed.

Whatever you have decided consciously is now to be passed to to subconscious mind. Subconscious wouldn’t be able to understand whatever you have written down in above steps. So all you have decided and planed to achieve is now to be conveyed to subconscious mind in the language pattern accepted by your subconscious. All the steps I am telling you below should be followed in the morning immediately after you wake up OR before going bed just before falling sleep. It means it should be the 1st and last thing to do in a day. Follow followings steps for subconscious arousal:

  • Find a quiet place, free from any distractiona for next 30 minutes
  • Sit comfortably or in a meditative state
  • Play best soothing meditation music available on mobile using ear plugs
  • Close your eyes
  • Inhale deep long breaths through nostrils, hold for 2-3 seconds and exhale deeply through mouth.
  • Repeated above step 5 times.
  • Release all body tentions and relax
  • Listen to your breaths and sound of hearts. Deeply try to feel your internal body sound.
  • Imagine yourself in a place you love most looking all around. Visualise yourself cutting a lemon into half and squizing a few drops into your mouth. Just feel your reactions, taste and smell. It’s time to go to the real life Goal you want to achieve.
  • See yourself at the place where you want to be at the moment you will achieve the goal you want. Imagine the place clearly and see how beautiful it looks. Visualize that you have selected this place to enjoy your success of achieving the goal. Now see yourself as if you have already achieved ABOVE SELECTED GOAL. Just arouse all your feelings. Visualise yourself super exited, happy and doing all those things you would like to do after achieving goals. Get yourself absorbed in the feel. Feel yourself enjoying the moment, people being congratulating you for your achiements. See how wonderful your life has become. You can also visualize yourself shouting aloud in happiness and dancing on your favourite track. See yourself parting with your dear ones or throwing away a party to all your relatives and friends. Observe your parents or dearer one saying “PROUD OF YOU” to you. You can enjoy this state for as long as you want but 20-25 minutes are sufficient. This state is called trans state and is very useful in impressing the subconscious. CREATIVE VISUALIZATION IS A KEY HERE.
  • Now slowly come back to the conscious state. 1st of all start observing you breathing and your heartbeats. Feels your body parts and stretch your fingers a little. Open you eyes slowly when you feel fine to open. Obersve the things around you. See objects around yourself. See your palms. If possible stand up and see yourself in mirror. Observe all your face parts. Smile a little. See your smiling in mirror. This smile matters most to you.
  • You will feel relaxed and much more energetic.

Einstein had said “Imagination is everything. It’s a preview of life’s upcoming attractions”

Step 4) : Go back to the step 2 and read all your plan once more. Just find if there is any thing you need to change or add to this plan. If so make it immediately. Now find from this plan what you can do right now or today. It may be small step or the 1st step.

It can be as small as calling someone or writing a mail. But do it now. No later, no tomorrow. Just do it. This is very much important for you to ACT NOW. Actions will create results. All day long just do when you get an opportunity to do something towards your goals. Don’t doubt or procrastinate. Keep doing everything possible till the goal is achieved. A plan is merely a wish unless acted upon.

Benefits of Self Hypnosis:

  1. Reduce internal cognitive conflicts
  2. Refines the perceptions
  3. Refines decision making
  4. Modifies belief system
  5. Effective in impressing subconscious
  6. Boosts energy and help to stay positive

This process will minimise conflicts between conscious and subconscious mind. Repeat above exercise twice a day for at least 21 days. Just focus on one or two goals at a time.

If possible get the book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Read it to know more about your subconscious mind.

I hope this post will help you in achieving your goals. But this is not done. A lot more is there is learn to make it really very effective. Don’t miss next two posts. Just be with us and we will make your this journey with us really awesome.

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