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In last post “Why Must You Set Goals” you learned that Its really MUST for you to think about your life and dream about it to Create and Design your life. If you haven’t read last post, just click above link and read it first.

If you have finished the home work, you would have a list of all those things which you think you must attain to live really a complete and fulfilled life. All these are your dreams. These are the real reasons behind your this valuable trip to this planet Earth.

REMEMBER: Your dreams are just dreams until you write them down.

Now all these dreams will just only be dreams if they are not converted into purpose and then achieved. Your next task is HOW TO DRIVE YOUR LIFE TO LIVE AND ENJOY WHAT YOU JUST HAVE DREAMED ABOUT.

A Stepwise Guide to Convert Dreams Into Goals:

STEP 1: Be Clear, Identify and Prioritize Your Goals.

You have got a list of all those DREAMS you want to fulfill in your life. Your each dream is itself a GOAL in bigger picture. Now you need to identify or select top 5 or top 10 of such goals those are critically important to you and you can not afford to compromise on them.

List so obtained is your priority list. And most of your energy and time should be devoted to attain it.

STEP 2: Breaking Down to Actionable and Achievable:

Now you need to break down all these major and bigger goals to smaller, actionable and achievable goals. Eg. Starting your own business may be one of your dream. Now it needs to break down to smaller steps and smaller actionable goals. It can be like learning business administration through weekend classes or learning business accounting plus looking for ideal business partner or start arranging the finances etc.

I mean every big goal is always and always a sum of more smaller easily actionable and easily achievable units. So you need to identify such units so that you immediately can start working on it.

STEP 3: Reality Test:

This step is to be done with each Goal individually. In this step you will check the reality of your required efforts. This step is meant to identify the difference between your current standings and desired standings on each particular goal.

It can be done easily with the help following steps:

  1. Pick one perticular area at a time and mark the diference between what you actually have now and what you dream off. Eg. Take a Paper and write on left side your currunt finanencial situation and on other side the desired amout you want to accumulate in your bank acount.
  2. Set a time limit to achieve the desired state
  3. Write down what was holding you back so far, the reasons that caused such situation or lagging.
  4. Note down the various options you have right now to achieve desired state.
  5. Pick the best option you have right now. Is this option capable of taking you to your desired state in set time?
  6. Write a plan known best to you to achieve this desired state
  7. Write down other skill set or tools you need to achieve it.

A goal is dream with deadline. -Napoleon Hill

STEP 4: Action Plan:

Now it’s your turn to design the best of action plan as per your current understandings. For this the traditional SMART formula can be applied too.


“Breaking down bigger goals into smaller one” PLUS “The action plan” will help you take THE FIRST STEP. Don’t delay this first step. Start with whatever resources you have.

This first step may be very small and may seem even ir-relevant. It can be as small as buying and reading a book Or selling your old scooter. Whatever it is. Just do it.

Initial step is very crucial. Don’t miss it at all. You just start and keep doing anything that takes you closer to your dream.

Don’t wait the time will never be just right. – Napoleon Hill

STEP 6: Create New Environment

Your surroundings have a great influences on your mind. So try to change your old environment such that it supports you and matches your goals. Surroundings has a great influence on your subconscious mind.

STEP 7: Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

The people you spend your time with OR communicate with everyday has a great influence on shaping your mindset. You need to understand and bring into your life those people who push you up and leave those who bring you down.

A man is know by the company he keeps.


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