Dear Friends,
This is the most important post I am writing today. It is concerned to every one of us.

“Decision Making” is very critical and really important task we perform in our day to day life. I am not just talking about few of those crucial business or life decisions we make once or twice in a day/week BUT everything we DECIDE in day to day life. I am talking about all those CHOICES we make everyday. It means everything you CHOOSE since good morning to good night.

For example selecting tea or coffee as your morning hot drink, selecting your breakfast, the cloth you choose to put on, the vehicle you chose to travel on, buying certain brands, supporting certain politician, listening to some particular song etc. Not only this, the words you select to SPEAK while initiating a communication or to reply someone. I mean everything you do, there is ONE specific option you select from so many available options.

Whatever are you today is a total sum of results of all the choices you have made in your life whether be small or big choices.


Today I will try to make you understand as “WHY DO YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU CHOOSE”.

Let me remind you one of the most shocking suicides in Bollywood. Pratyusha Benrjee, A household name in India, who earned the name, fame and money from TV shows like Balika Vadhu, Jhalak Dikhla ja, Big Boss 7 and Power couple etc. She in just 5 years worked/participated in almost 25 TV shows, won numerous awards and was nominated to dozen of them. She committed suicide on 1st April 2016 under intense emotional breakdown and trauma. On 1st April her brain lost all to her own heart.

She did it when she was at the peaks of her carrier. Just imagine what didn’t she had? What she already had, is merely a dream for more than 99% people struggling in the streets of Mumbai. They say she was under an emotional trauma caused due to a failed relation with her lover.

Had any relation failed for the first time? Had that reason been much enough to end her life? Do you think it was an INTELLIGENT DECISION to commit suicide? Weren’t there many better CHOICES?

It that the first and only case? Hasn’t suicide become a daily news on all kinds of media? Do you find any relation between killing someone else or killing yourself under any emotional stress or emotional trauma?

And now just observe, don’t you think a lot many times in a day your brain looses it to your heart? Don’t you think in the end of the day you end up achieving something opposite to what you intended to achieve in the beginning of the day.

Who make choices?

Always and always remember HEART is mightier than BRAIN. Here heart means your sub-conscious mind, the gut feeling and Brain means conscious mind, the awareness. So when it is between your heart and brain, die hard comcious efforts you put to avoid but heart will take it away from brain. Your subconscious has 90% of all the powers and conscious mind has just 10%.

Science has now proved that our sub-conscious rules the decision making. Scientists have proved through so many experiments that our subconscious makes its final choice even much before this choice actually comes to our awareness as our final choice. What our conscious mind actually does is just to stick with and follow the choice reached by our subconscious mind.  And all this happens with no such any clue to us. We live in a deception that what we decide is decided by us in our full awareness and intelligence but in the end we are surprised when we find the results opposite to what were expected. It simply means what you have decided all along your life were actually not your conscious choices as they seem. All it were what YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS HAD DECIDED finally. It means when you had selected tea or coffee in the morning, it had already been finalized by your subconscious preety earlier the decision was in your conscious.

How Subconcious Decides?

Intelligence, reasoning, analysis, comparisons and logic are powers of your conscious faculty. But they mean nothing to Subconscious, which is driven by feelings, emotions, habits, values and beliefs. Conscious can compare right and wrong. Subconscious can’t, it just understands the language of emotions.

So while making a best choice, your subconscious compares all available choices and select the one with following attributes:

  1. Best supporting to your value system and belief system (existing subconscious programs)
  2. That incites the most intense feeling and most intense emotion
  3. That helps in gaining emotional pleasure and helps in avoiding emotional pain

Why it happens that you write a long list of new year resolutions on every 1st of January but fail to follow it for a week even? Although you may be really serious about your life and you create this year long plan to make it success. You put all your intellect, analysis and your knowledge to create, plan and design your new year resolutions but 99.9% times end up loosing to follow it for next 7 days. This happens because it was a list you had created with your awareness (conscious mind) but there was no emotions and feelings attached to it. And now you know very well who wins? Its your subconscious mind who forced you to not let you implement your plan because it was useless for your subconscious. Finally your brain lost it all to your Heart.

One day, before going into bed you decided to get up early in the morning and to go for  jogging to control your weight but next morning you find yourself helpless in getting up early and then end up in feeling guilty. You consciously had decided to wake up early in the morning BUT who actually needed to know was your subconscious mind. Next morning subconscious didn’t let you wake up because there was nothing pleasurable for your subconcious in waking up early rather was there a pain. Your conscious efforts failed again.
Similarly, Pratyusha’s brain lost all of it to her own heart. Despite of the worldly knowledge and intelligence, her conscious mind which was in favor to live, LOST the game to her sub-conscious which had already decided to end itself to avoid the emotional pain.

All her name, fame, money couldn’t make her free from the emotional pain she was suffering from. All she wanted was to settle the emotional pain. But all Her conscious efforts failed to avoid the pain. Her subconscious was craving for freedom from emotional pain. Emotion is a attribute of subconscious, which can not be dealt with logic, money and reasonings. At that critical time the most important target for subconscious was to avoid pain and the only way it could find was by killing itself. She hanged herself and it was a choice made by her subconscious not by conscious mind. Although conscious was afraid of dying and wanted to skip the death but subconscious found it best suitable to relieve from pain and executed it well. Heart took the game from Brain.
This is why any goal set INTELLIGENTLY but not emotionalized is doomed to fail. This is why a relation that doesn’t has emotions in it often end up breaking. This is why you don’t perform well in jobs you don’t like. This is why you can’t control bad habits. This is why you find yourself helpless controlling your anger and this is why you find it very difficult to control taking excess sugar or eating junk although your conscious says NO to you. And this is HOW life goes beyond your control.

This is also about your life. So many times you loose on important tasks just because of wrong choices you make. There is hard core need for you to understand your heart and make it work in your favours. Heart is king, this king is making the choices all day long but may not all the choices be working for your betterment. We are absolutely busy now a days in attaining our goals of any sort but so many of is have forgotten to take the help of our best friend. This best friend is said to be connected to infinite intelligence (GOD) all the time. We all really need to understand it.


So listen to your heart carefully, listen to your gut feeling. It is a God gifted guidance system to channelize your life. The best way to live a successful life is to make both heart and brain work in a tune to work on a common goal. Your gut feeling is never wrong. It shows you the subconscious patterns you have. All happy and successful people know it very well and have learned to set heart and brain in tune.


You have two choices all the times:

  1. First- live and die with mysteries and surprises.
  2. Second: Plan the life and pass this plan to your subconscious (Heart) so that your subconscious can refine your choices as per your Goals/Plans.

In oder to go with first choice, you need not to do anything. Just live the life as it happens to you.

But for your second option, you need to learn, understand and master your own subconscious mind. For second choice you need the will and conscious efforts and certain subconscious influencing techniques. You need to learn how to set conscious and subconscious in tune. It is really simple and easy. I will share and describe the techniques in next post which will be the second part this post.

Today I really want to hear from you and want to know if can I help you in resolving any of the issue you are facing with your heart.

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See you all with next post very soon!!

Your friend

Manoj Sharma

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Andrew Barklow · September 1, 2018 at 8:19 am

With thanks! Valuable information!

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Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this.

Augustine Abrantes · July 31, 2018 at 11:53 pm

With thanks! Valuable information!

Kattie Lasater · July 31, 2018 at 10:37 pm

With thanks! Valuable information!

Alda Elling · July 31, 2018 at 10:35 pm

With thanks! Valuable information!

Sandy · September 28, 2017 at 10:43 pm

Superb Chachu

Rohan Srivastav · September 22, 2017 at 2:57 pm

Lovely way to explain

Anonymous · September 21, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Very nice

Yashpal · September 21, 2017 at 8:36 pm

Very informative

Anil · September 21, 2017 at 6:04 pm

keep on writing brother , wonderful

Nisha · September 12, 2017 at 9:53 am

Very nice

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