You must have observed that your day always remains similar to first 1 hour of your day. It means if you have started on an energetic note, the majority of day hours remain on the same note.

So how you start your day has an absolute importance because the rest of the day will follow the same rhythm.
I studied various successful leaders, motivators, sportspersons, businesmen and gathered and compiled all their techniques into one SINGLE POWERFUL WAY to kick-start your day. Its quite easy to follow. Every happy and successful person has a beautiful & rich morning ritual. This article is being written to help you create a healthy ritual for yourself. Yoi can either adopt the below technique as such or use it to develop your own morning ritual.

A Stepwise Guide

A) Power Posing (2-5 Minutes)
Harward Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy has developed this technique. Power Posing is stretching your body AS BIG AS posible . Stretch your arms and legs to maximum capacity and expands your body on full bed.This is to be done on bed even before your feet touch the floor.

Bring a smile 😀 on your face and bring in your mind the thoughts that you are bigger, healthier & happier then ever. The best thoughts are of Gratefulness. Thank God for everything you have and keep stretching.

Say to yourself that I am very confident to rule my day in my way. Bring in your thought the happiness and growth oriented thoughts.

This has two benefits, 1st on your body to give a warm up but 2nd one is important because it helps you to gather attention and start generating positive thoughts.

Your first 2 minutes will set a platform for next 1 hour and your next 1 hour will ultimately rule your entire day. There is no need to tell you that how each day will result into your life.

(B) Self Affirmations
You might be aware that self affirmations are powerful tool to influence your subconscious mind to to help you in achieving your goals. The best time to use affirmations are in the morning after you wake up.

You can read my previous posts on this blog to know deeply about it.

(C) 20/20/20 Priming:
I took the name “20/20/20” from Robin Sharma because this devides the 1st hour into three equal parts of 20 minutes each and “Priming” from Anthony Robbins because it’s about setting your body on fire and mind into a powerful state.

All successful people follow their own rich morning ritual. I have taken the best practices from their habits and compiled it to make a single most effective but easy to adopt rituals for you.

  • 1st 20 Minutes:

These 20 minutes are dedicated to set your body and mind on fire. This can be achieved by doing exercise. The intensity is the key here.

Start with 20-30 kapal bharti and then move on to next exercises. Now you can do exercises like push ups, chin ups, running , sit ups, skipping etc. Do any exercise you are comfortable with BUT the GOAL is to heat up your body to the level of sweating. Doing so has some tremendous impacts on your mind and then on your body.

Science has now proved that people with rich morning rituals are more happy and more efficient. There is a scientific explanation behind it.

Exercises helps you rush the blood your brain which in turn helps in activating neurons to release following neurotransmitters:

  1. Dopamine: is also known as inspirational chemical. Dopamine activates the pleasure center of the brain and helps you to attain pleasure-motivated behaviour.
  2. Serotonin: It controls the happiness, anxiety and mood. Low-level of serotonin leads to anxiety. Exercising leads to secretion of Serotonin which helps in controling anxiety and bringing more happiness.
  3. Anandamide : “The bliss Molecule”. Word anand (आनंद) is derived from sanskrit. It has been proved to have help the brain to enter into blissful, joyful or happiness state.
  4. BDNF ( Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is a KEY PROTEIN in Neuro plasticity. It means presence of BDNF helps extensively in learning quickly and effectively. Absence of it retards brains ability to learn anything new.

So the conclusion is exercise not only help you become physically fit but has more deeper effect on your brain.

  • 2nd 20 Minutes :

These 20 minutes are meant for PLANNING. Most people have no goals or vague goals hence fail to capitalize their time and days. Goals if set will help you to set priorities and plan to utilize your day in most effective way.
This is one of those key morning riruals followed by every successful people of the world.

I in earlier posts have shared with you the “Importance Of Goal Setting” and “Technique Of Goal Settings”. You can click these links to know more about it.

  • 3rd 20 Minutes:

These 10 minutes are meant for leaning. You must be amazed that TOP CEO’S of the world read on an average 60 books in a year. Hence it is quite evident that successful people have an urge to learn something new everyday.

Spend last 20 minutes in reading a good book, watching motivational video clip, reading biography etc. So whatever you like to do the ultimate goal is to take the knowledge up. You can spend more time in learning but this is the least time ij the morning you must spend in learning.

The Happy Minds has been started with an intention to create the “best feeds for Minds” so you can start to vidit our blog daily to read any inspirational or motivational story or article.

Now last but not least, if you want to develop above habit and set for yourself a healthy morning riruals, you need to wake up early in the morning. I around 3 years ago had read somewhere that 4AM-5 AM is the best time to start your day. Since then I have been waking up at 5 AM. You can wake up even early to 5AM.

But the point is that you now need 1 extra hour from your morning schedule to adopt a new habit. And if you have habit of getting up late, it will be difficult for you to spare time for this beautiful morning ritual.


Manoj Sharma

Writer, Trainer and Motivator


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