I will start here with an example. Let me ask you to consider yourself as a Jury dealing with a case in which a person under trial has been produced in your court for a case of brutal murder.

There are two attorneys producing their own theories to win the case. One of course is in favor of the person under trial and other one against him. By the end of hearing, you on the behalf of produced proofs, sentenced the person a life time imprisonment.

Just think why would you have had sentenced him for a life time imprisonment? Because majority of PROOFS/ STATEMENTS were against him to support that he had committed the crime.

What if some days later family of the convicted challenge your decision in the higher court and his attorney is  even able to produce stronger proofs and produce them strongly in the higher court?

The person will be granted freedom and all the charges will be made null.

What do u think which of the Judge gave a good judgement? Who was wrong and who was right? Who in this whole story is culprit? What if you have had sentenced him death and few years later he was found innocent??

This story may not be very much in tune with the real life cases being produced in court but let me tell you that this has to do A LOT WITH YOUR OWN LIFE.

Your own life is very much similar to a court scene. You yourself have been the person under trial and will always be. Your own perceptions have been playing the role of JURY. Your CORE BELIEFS have been playing the role of attorneys. All along your life you have been dealing with your day to day life issues. And how you dealt with all those issues or situations have left you wherever are you today.

As we know, Jury himself doesn’t know whats wrong or right. He completely relies on its attorneys for the PROOFS. Advocates or attorneys are who plays the actual role. Similarly the actual game played to your life is in the hands of the ATTORNEYS (CORE BELIEFS). Everyone one us have two attorneys (empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs) for every situation of life. The one who produces better proofs, wins the game.

It simply means what you PERCEIVE about any part of your life or any situation is merely a conclusion drawn based upon the underlying CORE BELIEFS. If you have not been able to PERCEIVE situations favorable to you, then BELIEFS are the guilty. You need to correct your CORE BELIEFS such that they are able to refine your PERCEPTIONS of every circumstance in a empowering way.

It’s not a miracle when two persons born and brought up in same environment may end up living completely different course of life. One may be living a miserable life where as another may really be successful and happy. If it were the environment both of them would have had on same situation of life. It was the construct of their beliefs that shaped their perceptions which ultimately shaped their life.

CORE BELIEFS determine how you feel about yourself in situations. How will your behaviors be tackled is completely dependent on the kind of BELIEFS you have. Your BELIEFS are CONVICTIONS of your life.  Your own life serves sentence and become miserable if limiting beliefs are winning majority of arguments. On the other hand your life flourish with life and energy if empowering beliefs are able to win majority of arguments.

I think it’s not hard to understand that you need to take charge of your belief in order to rule your life. Your CORE BELIEFS make you what you are. They define you and are responsible for all your behaviors. BELIEFS determine how you feel about your life, about others and about the life consequences. How do you respond when you face bad days/bad situation/challenge, is all up to how you PERCEIVE the challenge which in turn is completely dependent on WHAT YOU BELIEVE about similar challenges.

Think of your life, think any of the area  in trouble. It may be health, may be any addiction or habit, may be carrier, may be relationships, may be finances or even the happiness itself. If you pay a close attention you will observe that your dis-empowering beliefs are causing all the troubles. It means you are facing a challenge to overcome some particular area of trouble is just because your core beliefs system is not supporting you.

So in nutshell, beliefs are the driving force that control all your decisions. Beliefs influence the that way you make decisions, the way you feel and hence the actions. You need to understand the construct of your CORE BELIEF SYSTEM and then make the change where ever is needed.

The problem with majority of people is that they are constantly waiting for the consequences or circumstances to get changed. The fact is they will never change.

How to identify limiting and empowering beliefs?

Its really simple. While dealing with any situation ask yourself questions below:

  • Is it possible?
  • Am I capable?

If answers from your gut ( natural instinct) to both questions is YES, Congratulations!! Go ahead and do it.
But if any of the answer is NO, there is something wrong with your belief system. You may have some experience or somehow may have learned something which has now become a conviction for you and is telling that the task under question is not possible for you.

Now here are real challenges:

  1. To identify what experiences caused the limiting belief develop?
  2. Knowing new and empowering beliefs
  3. Replacing old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs

The solutions to these questions will be answered in upcoming posts. But it will be much better if you can buy and read Anthony Robbins book “Unlimited Power“.

Dear Friends, developing unshakable empowering belief system is the most important and first step in personal development. Kindly check my upcoming posts for topic in continuation with this.

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With thanks! Valuable information!

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With thanks! Valuable information!

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Awesome, life is what perception makes it.

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Awesome !! Perception makes life like what it it.

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