A man was traveling and stopped at an intersection. He asked the elderly man, “where does this road take me?”. The elderly man asked, “where do you want to go?” The man replied, “I don’t care and I don’t know”. The elderly man replied, “then take any road. What difference does it make?”. How true!

If you don’t know where you are going, you are likely to wind up somewhere else.

It’s so logical that how could you find your way to Delhi unless you know that Delhi is your destination. Roads don’t take you anywhere, it’s goals that drive your life.


You pick any of your role model or any of success stories known to you, you will find one common attribute among those people and that common was “THEY AWAYS KNEW WHAT THAY WANTED TO DO”.

There are people who work day and night towards their job goals given to them by their bosses or company, but hardly ever try to think as why all jobs have goals? Owners are successful, they are driven by goals, they set them for each employee as well as for their own selves. Every employee is forced to meet the goals. But most employees hardly ever set goal for their own life and family and hence live a life of limitations.

A case study by Harvard Business School has shown that those who set clear goals for life even before passing out MBA tend to earn 90% of money earned by all the pass outs in total.

There may be variations in the above said figures but It’s confirmed that you can’t get it until you know what you want to get. Studies have show that only 15% people set goals and only 5% are able to achieve them. From this we have two questions. Why it’s so that people don’t set goals? And why do only 5% are able to achieve their goals?

WHY DON’T PEOPLE SET GOALS? Following are a few of those reasons which hold people back from setting goals:

  • Ignorance of the importance of goals.

This is the most common reason. People are really unaware about the importance of setting goals. Basic Education system is devoid of any such integration of knowledge with basic curriculum. So people may be very educated but hardly ever learn the importance of goal setting.

  • Fear of failure. What if I don’t make it?

There is a great misconception among people at subconscious level. They think that if they don’t set any goal and don’t achieve it, they haven’t failed at all. THEY ARE BIGGEST FAILURES ANYWAY.


  • A lack of ambition. The limited thinking.

This is mainly the result of deeply engraved value system. People have no desire for a fulfilled life. They by culture have learned to keep themselves limited to match their surroundings.

  • A fear of rejection.

If I don’t make it, what will people think of me? They will laugh at me and talk about me. As it says in Hindi “सबसे बड़ा रोग, क्या कहेंगे लोग”

  • Procrastination. “THE RIGHT TIME SYNDROME”

One day when right time comes, I will set my goals. People are not in any hurry at all. Ambition level is so low that they keep looking for the right and favourable time.

  • Lack of knowledge about goal setting techniques.

People due to lack of knowledge don’t follow the steps or guide and become frustrated and finally give up the idea of setting of goals. So overall reason behind not setting goals by people is the LACK OF AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE.

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Why to set goals?

  • Take control of your life. Don’t let the life happen to you, create it and live it. Doing so will require your conscious efforts to set goals.
  • Focusing on the Important. Writing goals enable you to be more focused and concerned about most important life issues.
  • To refine your decisions. Goals help you to modify your natural and ir-relevant CHOICES.
  • Helps you select the best PATHWAY and proper direction hence increases your efficiency.
  • To be more successful and fulfilled.
  • Most important: It influences your subconscious hence set your Heart and your Mind in tune to bring you the true happiness.

How do I start? You start it with dreaming. Yes! It starts with DREAMS OR DESIRES.

I don’t follow the common techniques being told everywhere else. I am telling you exactly the way I have done it for myself. So don’t doubt. Just do it. This is most important step you need to follow before I talk to you about goals and goal setting.

Its Very simple. Just sit calm and think about your life. Think seriously. Think how your life is right now. Is it how you always had wanted it to be? Just think how you want your life to be in next 5 years or 15 years. Just imagine what kind of life you had wanted all along.

Create a temporary list of all of all those things you think you should do or achieve to make your life more fulfilled. Do you remember doing or having things that make you feel happy, joyful and fulfilled?

Write what make you happy. Write how you want your finances to be. Write about relationships, health, family, recreation, home, traveling, job, business etc. There is no need to look for any particular format. Just write how you want you life to be so that you can say to your own life “I LOVE MY LIFE“.

You MUST write and describe it with full description. Remember its your life which means you are creating your life so there is no need to hurry. Enjoy writing about your dream life. This may take intense thinking for days even. In simple terms I am asking you to dream about you life.

Be realistic and passionate while thinking about your life. No goal setting technique will actually work for you until you have deep involvement of your heart and feelings. You may need to close your eyes, imagine or dream and then open to text it down.

Don’t control your thoughts when you imagine about your desired life. Let them be wild enough. Let this dream diary be bigger and better.

Don’t use your current life situations as a reference to dream about your future life. By end of this you will have a specific desired state of your WANTS in each category. Eg. If its about finances, there will be some particular amount of money you want to earn.

The steps to set goals start after completing this task.

Next steps are:

  • Converting DREAMS into effective goals
  • Setting foolproof plans to achieve goals
  • Passing Goals to the powerful Subconscious Mind
  • Taking massive actions

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Will see you all with my next post. But remember to finish the task you learned today.

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After attending today’s session, feeling enthusiastic, trying to diffrentiate concious and sub conscious mind. Looking forward for every topic.

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