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I hope you are doing wonderful as usual. Today I have an exciting information to share with you all. It is mind boggling as well as mind blowing.

Water, that covers more than 76.5% surface of earth and amounts to 65% of human body weight, the wonderful gift of nature, has been claimed to have its own memory and consciousness even. Yes!! Water has its own memory and it responds to consciousness.
The idea was first introduced by french immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste in 1988. Later Dr. Emoto and a lot more scientists from various parts of the word took their hands into it and an extensive study had been done into this field and it is still going on.

The series of experiments have been conducted to prove the hypothesis of “water memory”. Water when exposed to any “intentions” has effects on the crystals of water. It was proved that any “thought” or “intention” has an effect on physical structure of water which in turn has been found absolutely different for each kinds of intentions.
Initially it was found that any water samples from any source when crystallized were found to have no fixed or regular physical structure at all. But when these samples of water are touched by individuals and then crystallized and tested for their structure, these samples were found to have absolutely different physical structure.

But the most extensive and wonderful study has been done by Dr. Emoto. He has spent his life’s most years in studying intention effects on water. Dr. Emoto tested results after various intention experiments and presented the results to the world. For this Dr. Emoto exposed the water samples to various thoughts, intentions, prayers, pictures of leaders and various religious thoughts. A few of them have been shown below.

emoto prayer effect


emotowater love


water exp

It was really amazing to find that all those positive “intentions” that make life meanigful beautiful, peaceful, happy, joyful  and awesome were changing the crystal structure into very beautiful forms. Where as negetive “intentions” like hate, anger, jealous resulted into filthy and irregular physical structures. 

Please follow link for details of wonderful Study done by Dr. Masaru Emoto:

Another experiment performed by Aerospace Institute of University, Germany, took it one step ahead to prove effects of non-human touch on physical structure of water. This experiment proved that water has memory and it retains information in it. The experiment was tested for various objects by bringing samples of water from same source in contact with different other objects like different flowers etc. The astonishing were results as Crystals of sample water were found to bear the structure similar to objects/flowers it was brought in contact with. This was really awesome as water was picking and storing information.
Find this beautiful video clip below:


Later same experiment was taken to its heights by testing effects of INTENTIONS on physical structure of water crystals by Dr. Dean Radin, a chief scientist at IONS and By Dr. Emoto, the Japanese Scholar along with Dr. Gail Hayssen and Dr. Takashige Kizu. The name of experiment is “Double blind test of the effect of distant intentions”.

The experiment was conducted for three days with Apx 2000 individuals from Austria and Germany focusing with their intentions on water samples placed in a room in California that was shielded electromagnetically. Similarly samples from same water source were also placed outside the shielded room.
The water drops from all samples were then crystallized and photographed by a team expert technicians. Later all those photographs were presented to 2500 judges for their independent assessments on aesthetic beauty of each drop appeared after intentions were projected on them. The results were there to support all the work done by Mr. Emoto. Which he already had been proving to the world.
The report was published in September 2006. You can find it in link below:

The conclusions so reached were astonishing. The water drops responded to various intentions in a way like water has its own consciousness. It is believed that water droplets responds to consciousness.  Thoughts have really strong effect on shaping the water structure. Now if intentions have such a strong effects on water, then what about the earth which is mostly covered with water. And what about yourself when you are aware that you are composed of 65% of water. It means all along the day your attentions are affecting you to a great extent. It simply means that thoughts shape very reality of your life. It also means that shaping and creating your life is greatly in your own hands. A lot many other statements can be concluded after results of these experiments.

The public domain is flooded with such experiments and information. People across the world have started performing such experiments on their own. They are witnessing the power and beauty of their intentions. The results from above researches can certainty not be ignored. There is something really very fundamental about  thoughts/intentions that makes the entire universe permeable to it. Boundries or limitations of time and space seems getting diluted to powerful thoughts. Quantum science has already been pointing in this direction. Most of Scriptures available in the world have already validated the idea of liveliness and power of thoughts. This is the only area where science and religions seem merging together strongly. World leaders had been found to already know this secret hence were able to influence the world and lived the life they always had wanted.

I think this is what Nikola Tesla, THE ELECTRIC MAN, had tried to explain when he had said “The day science will begin to study non physical phenomenon, it will make more progress in just a decade than all has been done in previous centuries”.

My dear friends, I think this is the golden period for people who ever walked the planet earth. Information is just a click away. The world has become one single community. Similar Minds enjoy sharing and exchanging the wisdom even without travelling and knowing each other personally. Such a great atmosphere was not available even 100 years back. The only and only thing you need to have is to have a Beautiful and Meaningful  Intention. Rest all needed to make this intention work and make it a success is readily available.

Have a wonderful, and thoughtful weekend!!

Your Friend

Manoj Sharma

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